Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy End of DOMA Friday!

I don't write much about politics on here, mostly because it's one of those "Rules" of polite communication.
But forget that.
DOMA is over.  Gone.  Dead.  Thank Gaga things are moving forward for real.
Over the past few months, as we've seen 12 states pass laws allowing gay marriage or ruling that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, I have felt that we are taking big steps forward, and this one is another tangible step.   Not the final one, but an important one.
It feels like a big breath of good air again.  Much like when Obama got re-elected after a worrisome few months.  Or whatever it is that causes you to take in big gulps of relief-filled air.
I feel excited about whatever comes next.  Hopefully it is something a little more progressive than this, but even so, there seem to be at least another 9 states moving in the right direction soon.

So I post this image of San Francisco in a state of awe and pride:

And I say

images from here and here.

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