Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Pre-New Year's Friday!

A few of my friends and I have been talking about taking this trip in very vague dreamy terms for several years now.  But this is the first year that any of us took any of the others seriously enough to make a plan.  And so suddenly “wouldn’t it be cool to go to Disneyland for New Year’s?” turned into shopping for hotel/park pass deals online and assessing how much we all had in our savings accounts to make it work.

And so it is!

When I was younger, New Year’s was always one of those lame holidays that came with obligatory gatherings, but no one really cared about.  For many years, we just drank too much Martinelli’s sparkling cider and tried to look fancy.

As my friends and I grew up, we came up with our own traditions, including spending time out at the beach in Manzanita, having family dinners, drinking cheap champagne, and playing HOURS of bitter and spiteful Monopoly or trying not to freeze while watching amateur fireworks outside.

Be happy and safe as this year comes to a close and a new one begins.  I will see you again in 2012 my friends!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Shortest Day of the Year Wednesday!

I’ve never quite understood why the first day of Winter wasn’t until the end of December.  I say that, knowing full well that it has everything to do with splitting the year into even parts, and probably something to do with farmers or daylight savings time too. 
According to the most reliable source on the web, it might even have something to do with old cultures’ starvation.
But really.  Winter starts much earlier than today.
Even in Oregon, where we are so unlikely to get any significant amount of snow, outside of the Snowpocalypse(s) and Snowmageddon(s) of years past, it gets cold and terrible much earlier than today. 

Perhaps it is time to propose a whole new season, maybe know as Finter, or Fanter. 
Here are the benefits of creating Finter/Fanter:
·         It’ll more accurately describe the time between November 1st and December 20th. 
·         It will make Oregon infinitely cooler than any other state due to our innovative 5 season plan. 
·         It will give us many new names for retail sales.
·         Both are cool to say.

I appreciate you supporting my Finter/Fanter cause in advance.  Donation checks can be made out to “CASH.”  It’s just easier that way.

Happy break/shortest day of the year/last day of Finter/Fanter Wednesday everyone!

(*NOTE: articles related to -pocalypses and -geddons are old.  Do not panic.)

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Virginia Friday

I read the Yes, Virginia letter every year.  More than any movie, song, or epic sweater, it makes me feel the merriest and least Scrooge-like.
I’ve always really loved the idea of Santa Claus.  In my family, he is still very real and very well-represented on Christmas Eve.  I’ll be honest, if I had my way, I would still believe in Santa.
So, even if Christmas or Santa Claus aren’t part of your life, I encourage you to read this.  It’s really about the Spirit of the season.  
Be jolly and joyful.  Enjoy whatever lovely break you may have from work and have a beautiful, healthy, happy, and safe end of the year, however you celebrate it.
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Wally World Friday!

Over the last several years, my mom has started a new tradition.  Out with the old fashioned end of year mass mail letter to family detailing our every moment in a cheerful tone!  Out with pictures included in cards for odd holidays like Arbor Day!  Out with personal cards to every member of the family and everyone else loosely connected to us!
My mother, being ever so family focused and making an attempt to share the joy she finds each day with everyone she now spends days creating a photo book showing what we have been up to as a family for the past year.  Each year now, starting around mid-November, every moment or photo comes with an exclamation of, "this will be great for the book!"
The year my brother got married, the book was enormous in order to include all of the vital moments.  When I brought my dog, Stevie, home, the book was full of more pictures of a sleeping dachshund than I ever thought possible.
This year it will have some big travel moments and pretty excellent birthday celebrations, but the best part will be the cover.
I'm not much for staged family photos using a timer where everyone is wearing an ugly sweater, but that's what we've got this year.  Plus something a little extra special. 
Think Wally World, 1989, “save the neck for me, Clark!,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and non-nutritive cereal varnishes.

Happy family holiday card season my Friday Friends!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Leaf Crunching Friday!

It’s not often that we have crunchy leaves here in Oregon.  Usually we have the smushy, rainy, slightly dissolved leaves under foot.  But every once in a while, we are lucky enough to have the icy sun come out and dry out all of our leaves enough to make them into crispy, crunchy bits of autumn joy.
This is when it is best to be outside.  When it’s best to take long, leaping, stomping steps, similar to those you used to take when trying to keep up with a parent who would walk too fast.
We’ve got some sunny days the rest of the week so stomp away!

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