Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Shortest Day of the Year Wednesday!

I’ve never quite understood why the first day of Winter wasn’t until the end of December.  I say that, knowing full well that it has everything to do with splitting the year into even parts, and probably something to do with farmers or daylight savings time too. 
According to the most reliable source on the web, it might even have something to do with old cultures’ starvation.
But really.  Winter starts much earlier than today.
Even in Oregon, where we are so unlikely to get any significant amount of snow, outside of the Snowpocalypse(s) and Snowmageddon(s) of years past, it gets cold and terrible much earlier than today. 

Perhaps it is time to propose a whole new season, maybe know as Finter, or Fanter. 
Here are the benefits of creating Finter/Fanter:
·         It’ll more accurately describe the time between November 1st and December 20th. 
·         It will make Oregon infinitely cooler than any other state due to our innovative 5 season plan. 
·         It will give us many new names for retail sales.
·         Both are cool to say.

I appreciate you supporting my Finter/Fanter cause in advance.  Donation checks can be made out to “CASH.”  It’s just easier that way.

Happy break/shortest day of the year/last day of Finter/Fanter Wednesday everyone!

(*NOTE: articles related to -pocalypses and -geddons are old.  Do not panic.)

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