Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Above Ground Pool Friday

Do you remember above ground pools?  For those of you who still have one (or access to one) this won't be difficult.

When I was younger (read: grade school), my friend Maddie had an above ground pool.  One friend had a VERY dangerous trampoline that we would put a sprinkler under during the summer, but Maddie had the only pool.

The BEST game we'd play though, far better than Marco Polo or any of that was running laps around the edge of the pool to create a big whirlpool.  I’ll tell you, get 8 Girl Scouts committed to making a whirlpool and you’ll have one within seconds. 

After all, our motto was “Be prepared…” (to make unnecessary, semi-dangerous vortexes in an above ground pool). 

Once it got going, we'd let it carry us around the edges for a while, running into each other and the walls until someone bruised their shin, hit their head, or we got bored and hungry.

Of course, all of this whirling took place before the days of sunbathing while sipping an unhealthy amount Diet Pepsi instead of swimming.

Sadly, I think I’m too old (read: tall) now to enjoy an above ground pool.  I’m certainly too afraid of germs (and kids) to go anywhere near the actual water in the Salmon Street Fountain.  But I appreciate the bravery and joy that I see there all through our Portland summers.

Happy Friday all!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy First Day of Summer Friday!

Wednesday was the first day of Summer!

I firmly believe that there are few better places to be in the summer than Portland.  Having spent big parts of my childhood in the Chicago suburbs where the humidity during the summers smashed you flat against the sidewalk, summer here always feels like a big, wonderful, blue sky-filled breath.

Now, admittedly, as I write this, it’s cloudy and kind of sad out, but Wednesday was 80ish degrees.

So I’m going to do some suggesting for all of us to take advantage of the UH-MAY-ZING things that happen in our lovely hometown (or adopted hometown, as the case may be).

Movies in the Park – which start next Friday
Trek in the Park – totally nerdy, but super funny and a great crowd attends
Shakespeare in the Park – this year it’s Hamlet, which is one of my least favorites of the Bard’s plays because he’s such a whiney fool, but still.
Brew Fest – 25th anniversary this year, which is kind of cool.  And usually the weather is lovely.
Concerts in the Park – Some of these are a little more my parents’ flavor, but you know.  probably lovely.
Sand in the City – The beach.  In the city.  And for a good cause.

Also, in general, the Portland Art Museum has free admission the fourth Friday of every month and there is a Farmers Market in NW Portland on Thursday afternoon evenings-ish.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day Friday

It’s been ages since I put up a Friday post, so I’m happy to say I’m back!

This is my dad.

He’s pretty great.  Just like mom.
This upcoming Sunday is Father’s Day (or Grandfather’s Day, or Uncle’s Day, or Brother or Brother-in-Law, Foster Dad, Adopted Dad, or Significant Other, or Cousin, or Great Uncle, etc.)

Recently, my dad has decided to take up blacksmithing.  To be clear, my dad works for a software company.  He’s a geek (in a super cool, 3D modeling, computer game playing, sci fi watching, home theater building kind of way). 

What I’m say is this blacksmithing thing came as a big surprise to me (although, mom didn’t seem surprised at all).

Part of this new hobby is that he spends a lot of time talking about different types of hammers and trying to decide where in their backyard he would like to put his forge.

Let’s spend our weekends thanking them for putting up with all the years of eye rolling and embarrassed, exasperated shouts of “Daaaaaaad!  You’re embarrassing meeeeeee!”

(Like when they ask your friends whether they think the 3 pound or the 1 pound hammer is better.)

Happy Pride Weekend!

Happy Pride my lovelies!

Pride weekend in Portland is one of my favorite few days of the year.  And this year, so much exciting stuff is happening!

Between Obama finally deciding to be awesome and honest, and the fact that this year's Pride parade is at 100% capacity for the first time in a long time, it feels like things are finally headed in a truly positive direction.

To me, this feels like a big deal and a beautiful sign for so many of the people I care about.

Next step:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy First Day of June Friday!

Happy First day of June my Friday Friends!

Incidentally, today is also national Say Something Nice Day.  (and National Heimlich Maneuver Day, but that’s not really the tone I’m going for here).

So for all of you Friday Lovers, a little something nice:  THANK YOU for reading my silly entries, for responding, and for thinking the story about my mom was cute.

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