Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Above Ground Pool Friday

Do you remember above ground pools?  For those of you who still have one (or access to one) this won't be difficult.

When I was younger (read: grade school), my friend Maddie had an above ground pool.  One friend had a VERY dangerous trampoline that we would put a sprinkler under during the summer, but Maddie had the only pool.

The BEST game we'd play though, far better than Marco Polo or any of that was running laps around the edge of the pool to create a big whirlpool.  I’ll tell you, get 8 Girl Scouts committed to making a whirlpool and you’ll have one within seconds. 

After all, our motto was “Be prepared…” (to make unnecessary, semi-dangerous vortexes in an above ground pool). 

Once it got going, we'd let it carry us around the edges for a while, running into each other and the walls until someone bruised their shin, hit their head, or we got bored and hungry.

Of course, all of this whirling took place before the days of sunbathing while sipping an unhealthy amount Diet Pepsi instead of swimming.

Sadly, I think I’m too old (read: tall) now to enjoy an above ground pool.  I’m certainly too afraid of germs (and kids) to go anywhere near the actual water in the Salmon Street Fountain.  But I appreciate the bravery and joy that I see there all through our Portland summers.

Happy Friday all!

Images from here and here.

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