Friday, October 7, 2011

In Honor of Steve Jobs Friday

I was going to write about my birthday for this post.  But I think there are more important things to say today.
With Steve Jobs passing away on Wednesday, I could say that he left a hole in the creative and technological world.  But I don't think that's really true.  He had a hand in creating some of the most exciting and crave-worthy technology and art that has come about in my lifetime, and I'm grateful.  For that reason, for that joy and gratitude that I feel for his part, I think that he hasn't left a hole, but a constantly evolving way for us to pursue more and more wonderful creations.
Because of his amazingly innovative spirit, we have this.  And this.  And I'm not going to lie, he even had an influence on this.
Whenever I felt like I needed a little extra boost or some inspiration, I would hop on and listen to his Stanford commencement speech.  It lifted me up every time.
So on this Friday, I am choosing to seek out some inspiration, feel joyous about what Steve created, and maybe watch a little Toy Story. 
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