Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Walking Dead Friday!

Not everyone likes zombies.  Why, I have no idea.  I LOVE them.  I love the strange pop culture fear/fascination with the impending zombocalypse.  I love the makeup (both high and low quality, gross and campy).  I love the fact that there are actual academic papers written about how zombies relate to politics.

I love almost every type of zombie – Crawlers, shamblers, walkers, thrillers, viral, you name it.  EXCEPT the fast ones.  I hate the fast ones.  They’re too scary and clearly not at all realistic.

On Sunday, one of the best shows that has ever existed, The Walking Dead, is coming back for its second season.  It’s based on one of the greatest comic book series’ that has ever existed as well.  I can’t quite explain how excited I am for this particular event.  It’s the perfect combination of things I really love.  So, in case you’re wondering what your favorite Friday Writer will be doing on Sunday night, I will be sacked out on my couch with my roommates, some popcorn, and the tv turned up to 11.

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