Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Spring in Oregon Friday

I am in a committed love/hate relationship with Spring in Oregon.  Earlier this week when I woke up and made my LONG journey to work, I drove along a street lined with happy little daffodils.
The morning after our angry slushy snow, those same daffodils just looked droopy and a little defeated.

The hate part of my relationship with Oregon can be summed up pretty easily:


The love part of my relationship with Spring in Oregon comes from the fact that you just can’t beat how green it is here.  We certainly are lucky in that way.  For me it does outweigh the yuck parts of winter and spring.  So, in the midst of the gray and the over abundance of precipitation, remember that very soon, we’ll see a whole lot more of this:

Happy Friday all!

Images from here and here and here.

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