Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Science Friday

Hello Friday!
I’ve always liked science.  Not the kind I had to take in school though.  I hated dissecting worms in Biology class, and Physics will never be something I fully grasp (though, if I’m honest, that might be because I spent all of those class periods screwing around in the back of the classroom with my buddies).
I remember taking field trips to OMSI with my grade school class.  We’d get a chance to play in the water shed exhibit and the earthquake house assuming it was all in the interest of fun.  We would stare up at the enormous animatronic dinosaurs (before they were sadly obsolete) while learning that they were really closer to birds than snakes or lizards and other gross slimy things.
On Wednesday, I went to see Body Worlds at OMSI After Dark with some friends.  I had never seen the exhibit and frankly, didn’t quite know what to expect.  While I was there, I was struck by the incredible strength and power of the human body.  Even the most delicate pieces, like our capillaries, and spinal column are so tiny but do so much. I am amazed how, even when our body hurts or when we are battling illness, our bodies respond and try to save us.
However, the best part for me was the fact that, in true Portland form, the whole place was FULL of grown-ups playing with science toys.  That water shed exhibit?  Still there.  And this time, it was surrounded by people my age and older learning about the water cycle.  The earthquake room?  Full of adults bracing themselves against the walls and laughing as “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King played. 
Go to OMSI.  Go play for the sake of science and learning and playing.
Happy Friday!
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