Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy (pre) Labor Day Friday!

Hooray for 3 day weekends!

I come from a family of hard workers.  I have uncles and great uncles who are carpenters, my grandpa and his brothers all worked in heating and air conditioning as the suburbs around Chicago sprung up rapidly.  I grew up playing in basements full of sheet metal and very awesomely dangerous tools (that we used as swords of course).
My cousins are firefighters and several great uncles worked for the Chicago PD.  Other cousins are nurses and my aunts, mom, and sister-in-law are teachers.
Maybe I’m expanding the definition of “labor” too far, but based on what I’ve watched my family do all my life, these are all pretty labor-intensive and extraordinary roles, that I will freely admit that I don’t have the patience to do.

Happy Labor Day in the original sense, as well as the celebratory sports/BBQ/3-day weekend sense!

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